Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Introducing Odin & Adian

These boys were humanely trapped at a site in south Seattle with many unaltered cats, a busy residential street, and an irregular source of food. The goal was and is to continue trapping the feral adults to have them altered and then return them to live their lives. Kittens however, can more easily be "rehabilitated" to live as domestic cats and have a more comfortable life.

Odin and Adian were so wild upon intake that they refused to be caged and approached, so they were were allowed to run lose in the KittyStar studio. They were altered and treated with a topical product that kills fleas and worms (we wore heavy gloves!) After a few weeks of delicious twice-a-day meals, I was able to start petting them while they were eating. They also love to play with interactive DA BIRD toys and started looking forward to my visits. I began feeding them inside an open cage. Then one day, I shut the cage door so that they could begin socialization.

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