Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Growing up!

That's Adian on the left, Odin on the right - look at how big they are getting! They love food and aren't picky at all. Adian has purred twice for me now. There are days I can't spend much time with them but every night around 10PM or so, they get bedtime snacks. This is when Adian has purred, loudly, while being rubbed and eating at the same time. He doesn't let go of his shyness all that often but I guess sometimes he can't help himself! Odin always purrs - he is the happiest boy and what a sense of humor he has.

This weekend I will be working on getting adults at their site trapped and altered again. So far, two females (one pregnant) and one very stinky Tomcat have been "fixed". There are at least 4-6 more adults to TNR before kitten season (spring). Saturday will be a full moon, should be interesting....

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