Thursday, February 23, 2012

From the Dog world...

Here's an interesting piece about Westminster ending their association with the Pedigree brand dog food company because Pedigree has been focusing on shelter dogs and adoption efforts. Their savvy commercials are raising awareness about the dogs sitting in shelters waiting for a home and raising funds too. It appears to me that Westminster senses the shift with rescued pups becoming more fashionable than a Prius or orphan child from China these days. Remember the testy response from the American public when President Obama was gifted a purebred (purchased) puppy? As my favorite animal organization Best Friends says, "PUPPIES AREN'T PRODUCTS!" So doggy doo on Westminster - any of the charity events such as PawsWalk or Seattle Animal Control's Furry 5K beat sitting and watching dogs with silly hairstyles paraded about.

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