Friday, June 1, 2012

How Cute am I?

Working a trap/neuter/return site means that sometimes difficult decisions must be made. Leave nursing kittens in their outdoor environment or remove them from their waterfront site on the green River to get mom spayed and then bottle feed the babes for two weeks until they can eat regular food? Given that one kitten had already disappeared in the last few days according to the feeder, I chose to put the kittens in foster and work on rounding up the adults for S/N. The adults are barely one year old and the two females had their litters together and were sharing parental duties. Removing the kittens means that the mom cats can go into heat immediately so we have to work fast to get everyone fixed. Of course female cats can be spayed while in heat or pregnant but there is slightly more risk to the surgery.

These little furballs are 2-3 weeks old and scheduled for intake at the Humane Society in Bellevue where they will eventually be adopted out. Two of the black kitties are polydactyl - a fairly rare trait that gives them extra digits. There are six total so feeding takes a while! 

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