Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tabby Twin Habitat

Odin on the top shelf!

Odin (L) and Adian (R) enjoy the warmth of the cement
Odin's log
Wondering what the tabby twins are up to these days? They turn four years old next month and have a fabulous enclosure they are enjoying! The walls and ceiling are polypropylene netting that's supposed to be quite resilient over time given our weather. It's not inexpensive but is much easier to work with than chicken wire and doesn't pose any sharp edges. The shelves the kitties perch on and scratch are cedar. There's even a long walk way across the top so they can be up as high as possible. If you were to build on a non-paved surface you'd want to create an "apron" along the bottom to prevent wildlife from digging in; not keeping any food outside overnight also helps prevent unwanted visitors. I like that the boys are less available to fleas since it's not a grassy patch. (I frequently grow pots of oat or wheat grass for them to munch on if they like.) Odin and Adian are such loving kitties and as you can see, very happy with life.

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