Thursday, July 4, 2013

No Fireworks please!

The 4th of July can be stressful for both domestic animals and wildlife. The noise and smoke from illegal neighborhood fireworks is terrifying to beings with such acute senses. Sadly, many pets go missing in their attempts to "get away" from the source. Indoor cats may end up not eating their usual amounts and hiding. To add some levity to the holiday I've included a link for a little kitty cuteness that's educational as well .

Other things you can do to help companion animals this weekend:
  • Give your animals extra TLC and talk to them in a soothing tone. Hang out with them wherever they are hiding so they don't feel as frightened.
  • Keep classical or smooth jazz on in your home at a low volume (but not talk radio - cats hate it).
  • Be sure they drink lots of water. I always advise against feeding only or mainly dry kibble and in the summertime it's even more important that cats get food with a high water content.
  • While you are out on the roads and in your neighborhood this weekend, watch for stray animals! Remember that any vet can scan for a microchip at no charge if the animal doesn't have a tag on.
  • If you have guests over, keep kitty confined in a quiet room with a "do not disturb" sign until the party is over. Not everyone is careful about shutting doors and you can relax more if you know your fur kids are safely confined.
  • Use Feliway Comfort Zone plug-ins to reduce stress at anytime (they last one month is you leave them plugged in continuously). Dog pheromone sprays, plug-ins and wipes are also available for nervous pooches.

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