Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cats who eat Plastic...

Here's an article that discusses strange eating habits some cats possess, which may sometimes be dangerous to their intestinal health. Offering toys which alleviate boredom, such as treat balls you can fill with a few tablespoons of dry or freeze-dried crunchies, can help deter harmful eating habits. Dr. Schaible, the author of the piece above, mentions offering a variety of texture treats for cats with these habits; just remember to only buy American sourced rawhide type products as the products coming from China are considered unsafe and often deadly. Cat grass and catnip plants are two things you can confidently allow your kitty to help himself to of course.

Being extremely conscientious about never leaving out rubber bands, strips of packaging or very small puffs that can be swallowed is also important. For felines who like to suck wool, take an old fashioned heavy wool sock, fill with some catnip and tie at the end. Changing out toys and routinely offering new items keeps their days interesting. Many cats love to "hunt" small items and will caterwaul while they carry them around. Stuffed mice or similar little soft toys are great for this type of play and usually too large to be swallowed. They are even better when they've "marinated" in a tin of catnip for a while beforehand. One of my kitties, Jane, has left her toys on my slippers and shoes since she was a kitten. I love finding her little gifts in my shoes!

Cat friendly catnip

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