Monday, June 8, 2015

Tabby Extravaganza!

Tabbies are the true "moggies." Their coats help them to blend in with just about any environment, making them the ideal feral cat and allowing them greater cover when hunting. 
Tabbies are classic cats and always in style!

Odin (L) and Adian (R) as kittens. They were not socialized to humans and did their best to stay as far away as possible from me; in this case I would have needed a ladder to reach them!
Odin and Adian at 5 YO, relaxing on a chaise lounge in the sunshine.

Darling Jane was trapped as a very small kitten and is now 16 YO (note the tufted ear tips).

This handsome tabby is Rutger. He was trapped at the Seattle Centre about 15 years ago (hence the ear tip). He is the strong/ silent type and favors sardines and fresh catnip on the stem.

Rosemary has a very rich history (see her story in the October posting for National Feral Cat Day). 
She is a adored by everyone who meets her and especially enjoys acupuncture treatments.

Maisy is obsessed with having her "outdoor time" during our visits. 
Here she is enjoying a warm Spring morning.

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