Thursday, May 5, 2016

Beautiful Black Cats

It's been a busy Spring for me! I wanted to highlight some of the gorgeous black cats I sit for. This particular grouping was all part of my "spring break" week. (Their peeps graciously allowed me to feature their kitty's photos here.) 

Hector - a gentle giant of a kitty

Hector lives with two tabby brothers. They all enjoy catnip and da bird.

Cinders - a tiny girl and very active youngster

Cinders enjoying the concrete surface (on her harness)

Phinney, only 5 mos. old, recently adopted from PAWS. He is already an accomplished purrer.

Phinney lives with an adult tabby brother.

Ella, after a bite of delicious food

Henry, he's a chill fellow. He lives with Ella and a brother who is an orange tabby. His brother is the 
hunter of the family while Ella and Henry are the snugglers.

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