Monday, July 25, 2016

Let the Sun Shine!

Some kitties are lucky enough to have a custom catio and other adventurous felines take matters into their own paws to stake out their own space with the best view of the neighborhood. If you just can't build an outdoor cat enclosure, here's an article on creating an outdoor inspired space for your indoor cat. Invest in a tall kitty condo with lounging platforms, grow cat-safe plants or buy fresh cat grass weekly, and let the sun shine in. Your kitty deserves the sunniest window in your home and preferably an open window (safely screened of course) where he or she can smell all those fascinating outdoor smells. Sisal mats, baskets,and cardboard boxes are inexpensive and offer interesting textures to scratch and sleep on or in. If you can find a hefty log from a recently cut tree, even better. Basking in the warm sun is one of the pleasures of being a cat!

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