Sunday, March 25, 2018

Total Cat Mojo, a book review

Total Cat Mojo, The Ultimate Guide to Life with your Cat by Jackson Galaxy with Mikel Delgado, PhD, is the perfect book for both new and experienced cat guardians.  Mr. Galaxy explains all those weird little isms that make cats such a fascinating combination of wild creature and ideal companion in the home. If you are planning to introduce another feline, a dog, or a human baby to your current kitty, or are currently having a challenging situation involving your cat, Total Cat Mojo is a must-read. This isn't a book that will tell you how to train your cat, but will instead help you understand your furry family member. "If you took the species part out form the equation and just saw your cat as another member of your family, you'd be left with a relationship. At the core of this relationship are fundamental elements that dictate your ability to successfully navigate the relationship...," states the author. He then lists components he views as vital to any relationship, such as listening and compromising and vulnerability - components that folks who think of having a cat as "ownership" really need to grasp in order to have a truly meaningful and deep bond with their kitty. All of Mr. Galaxy's solutions take the cat's feelings into account and emphasize empathy as to why the cat may be reacting in such a way.

Total Cat Mojo is a trade paperback (fairly low priced) and features lots of cute graphics that get the author's points across. I'd love to see this book included in adoptions packets when people adopt a rescue kitty. I'd love to see this book sold at veterinarian clinics and anywhere people with companion animals frequent. Truthfully, My Galaxy is television personality with no scientific training so many professionals might balk at some of his information. However, I've seen firsthand many frustrated kitty guardians who went the route of veterinarians and certified veterinary behaviorists and still need help. It is Mr. Galaxy's experience with traumatized shelter cats and desperately unhappy felines in private homes, along with his passion for all cats that give his work depth and breadth. His suggestions all ring true to my own ideals and years of working with a wide variety of kitties. So I give Total Cat Mojo two paws up and highly recommend it.

Sidneys got total cat mojo 24/7

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