Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello again

I took a long break from the KittyStar blog to finish my masters degree and now that I am done writing my final paper, I am ready to start writing about kitties again! Here's a recent photo of Odin. Both he and his brother Adian are doing great. They have been enjoying the warm weather, like all the KittyStar kitties.
We've had an exciting summer - a nest of 10 day old squirrels fell out of the 100 ft. fir tree that stands guard near my back fence a few weeks ago. One was screaming his little head off while the others seemed a bit dazed from the long drop. I found a cardboard box, gathered the nest and four babies up (wearing gloves) and drove to Aerowood Vet Hospital on the East side, where they would feed them through the night until Sarvey wildlife center could pick them up. Other than a tiny cut on one's chin they all appeared fine. Baby kittens are definitely cuter than baby squirrels, and quieter too.

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