Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Special book for kitty lovers

My dear friend Carolyn Parker has published her first book, a memoir of sorts of her kitty Squeaky's life in Spain. Sixteen years ago, Squeaky appeared at my house in need of help. She was skinny, full of fleas and homeless. I remember it was cold out and Squeaky needed a warm place to stay and some TLC. I had just moved into my house and had several kitties of my own. So Carolyn and her husband "fostered" her and promptely fell in love with her. They lived in West Seattle at the time but it wasn't long before they were planning the next phase of their lives in rural Spain. So off the three of them went. We stayed in touch via their sporadic internet connection and airmail. Carolyn sent photos of Squeaky in her new domain and tales of her harrowing adventures and simple peasures.
"Squeaky's Farm" is about Squeaky's transformation to country living but also about the relationship between Squeaky and her humans. The balance of trusting and allowing Squeaky to experience life versus the desire to shelter and protect her brings up issues many of us face with our kitties, especially those of us who are care for semi or formally feral cats who crave the outdoors. While Squeaky was never a feral cat she still wanted to stalk, hunt, and observe the great outdoors. I never doubted that Carolyn completely understood Squeaky and reading "Squeaky's Farm" confirmed that they were meant to find each other. Our feline friends can teach us a lot - we just have to listen and be humble.
Buy this book for the animal people in your life! By the way, Carolyn is now back in the Northwest and colloborating with humane organizations so that they receive profits from book sales.

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