Monday, October 12, 2015

Great Catio

I sit for some lucky kitties who have a fabulous enclosed "catio" and with permission from my clients, am sharing photos so other kitty guardians can get ideas on how to make safe outdoor spaces their own cats. This back yard is quite small but still contains lots of fun elements for kitties when weather allows for outdoor time. There are plenty of resting areas off the ground so kitties can feel secure. There are no trees large enough for a kitty to climb and jump over (the Japanese Maple will stay petite). This enclosure is designed to be utilized only when their people are home to open the back slider, so there isn't a lock on the back gate but that could be added for extra security. Outdoor time is not only enriching and stimulating but direct sunshine is vital to kitty health. Building a secured area such as this one is a minimal investment that will offer years of enjoyment for your whole family.

Here's a view of the back door - a slider with a screen door. The screen 
has a little cat door in it so kitties can choose in or out when the slider is open.

The framing has a nylon/plastic mesh that would be very difficult for a kitty to climb.

The yard contains several large, flat rock - perfect for Annabelle and Luna to sun themselves on.
Luna explores the side yard. The bench is another ideal spot for sunning and napping, 
as well as for humans to relax.

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