Friday, October 9, 2015

Orange Kitties!


Orange (or red) tabbies are iconic in American culture. They seem to represent a resilient and hard working spirit that many people identify with. Usually male, orange felines are often short-haired and incredibly healthy and hearty. I sit for an orange boy who is 21 years young and still going strong!

I've gathered some inspiring stories specifically about orange kitties who have demonstrated remarkable determination, perseverance, and dedication. These kitties act as ambassadors for all cats; hopefully they change the minds of those who think they don't like cats while enriching the lives of everyone around them.

This tiny orange kitten  was rescued on the road and is enjoying an exciting vagabond lifestyle under the protection of his person before eventually heading home.

Erik the Red's career as a ship's "mouser" is long and impressive. Read about his retirement party: orange cat retires

Tommy saved his person during a medical emergency when he called for help: orange cat calls 911

This story makes you wonder about humans but has a happy ending. Witness two darling and brave orange kittens rescued when they decide to take matters into their own paws.

Bubba is a mascot of sorts for this high school in California. His presence is likely therapeutic for stressed out students: orange campus cat

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