Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cozy Kittens leaving nest soon

My beautiful foster kittens will be going to the Humane Society in a few days to be adopted. The littlest one and only girl RuthAnne was the first to purr and adjusted the fastest to people. Her look-alike brother I named Rebel, since he is having the most difficult adjustment to "socialization." The pretty boy of the bunch, Liam, is tabby and white with wide set eyes. He just started purring this evening! It's very hard to not get attached and probably the main reason animal lovers don't foster. Will they end up with guardians who will be patient and sensitive to their innate shyness, which will in time give way to their darling little personalities underneath? Will they be cherished and cared for no matter if a new baby arrives, a younger animal gets adopted, a divorce happens and a move is required, a new boyfriend or girlfriend shows up with "allergies," or a life-threatening illness befalls the guardian? These are the times you need a companion animal in your life the most! "Pets" are not accessories meant only for when you have the extra time, income, and space; they are lifetime partners who do not care if you can afford a new car or cable or even if you brush your teeth and change out of your pajamas. It is percisely when you've lost something that your cat (or canine) will bestow upon you what matters most, with a head butt or a tiny paw, he or she will let you know that you are loved... and will you please stop feeling sorry for yourself and feed me now.

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