Monday, November 14, 2011

Exhausted just thinking about the Holidays?

My foster kittens (see previous blog entry) were adopted this past weekend from the Humane Society of Seattle/King County! In honor of the good work the Humane Society, Purrfect Pals, MEOW, and the Feral Cat Spay & Neuter Project all do, I want to suggest that if you celebrate a gift-giving holiday in December you consider these fine non-profits or perhaps another animal-friendly charity. You can donate via their websites, Amazon wishlists, or send an old fashioned check in your recipient's name and not have to worry about buying more "stuff" your loved one doesn't really need. A friend of mine sponsors a permanent shelter resident at Purrfect Pals via monthly donations. The Humane Society also runs a pet food bank for low-income seniors and people living with AIDS if you are able to coordinate a workplace donation drive. Some employers match donations so your money goes even further. The need for monetary and food donations is great during these rough economic times when shelters are overwhelmed with companion animals people have given up due to losing their house or because they think they can no longer afford their care. Give a gift everyone can feel good about!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kitten cuties!

Thanks to everyone who helped socialize Rebel, Liam and Ruth-Anne! As precious as these babies are, spay/neuter is the only way to drive numbers of homeless and "euthanized" companions down. Accidental litters happen all socioeconomic levels; witness one of my friends who works at a major employer on the Eastside with highly skilled and highly paid employees. One of her coworkers was giving away free kittens their cat gave birth to for a second time! She counseled him about having the cat spayed and perhaps fostering for a humane organization if he wanted his children to see kittens. Unfortunately she was told to mind her own business and that "having kittens isn't against the law." No, it isn't against the law but neither was dog and gamecock fighting in many parts of the country until very recently. Until just a few years ago owning an exotic wild animal as a "pet" wasn't illegal in Washington State either (ie. the shocking and sad incident in Ohio last month where these animals were legally kept by a private individual). If you have friends or family who insist on pedigreed companion animals, tell them that a good portion of the dogs and cats sitting in shelters ARE purebred and buying from a breeder just continues to support the burden "kill shelters" bear. It's up to people who care about animals to speak up, advocate for them and keep fighting the good fight!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cozy Kittens leaving nest soon

My beautiful foster kittens will be going to the Humane Society in a few days to be adopted. The littlest one and only girl RuthAnne was the first to purr and adjusted the fastest to people. Her look-alike brother I named Rebel, since he is having the most difficult adjustment to "socialization." The pretty boy of the bunch, Liam, is tabby and white with wide set eyes. He just started purring this evening! It's very hard to not get attached and probably the main reason animal lovers don't foster. Will they end up with guardians who will be patient and sensitive to their innate shyness, which will in time give way to their darling little personalities underneath? Will they be cherished and cared for no matter if a new baby arrives, a younger animal gets adopted, a divorce happens and a move is required, a new boyfriend or girlfriend shows up with "allergies," or a life-threatening illness befalls the guardian? These are the times you need a companion animal in your life the most! "Pets" are not accessories meant only for when you have the extra time, income, and space; they are lifetime partners who do not care if you can afford a new car or cable or even if you brush your teeth and change out of your pajamas. It is percisely when you've lost something that your cat (or canine) will bestow upon you what matters most, with a head butt or a tiny paw, he or she will let you know that you are loved... and will you please stop feeling sorry for yourself and feed me now.