Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Another Great Catio

    Lucky kitty clients of mine have a new catio space to enjoy! This "bump-out" off the house is accessed via a slider and screened with claw-resistant mesh that also prevents flying insects from entering the space, making it a pleasant space for humans too. It's attached to the south side of the house and has a clear ceiling to take full advantage of sunny days. So why aren't there any kitties in the pictures below? It was a freezing morning in January when I took these shots and the resident felines were wisely inside enjoying breakfast and central heating. 

Catios increase feline real estate, especially if you add cat walks and perches for younger cats who like to climb up high. This in turns reduces tension in a multi-cat family, keeping everyone happier and healthier. Direct sunlight is, in my opinion, essential for feline mental and physical health and catios help fill that need. Start planning a catio of you own for Spring!
This is a shot of the screen door out to the garden. A pretty glass wind chime catches breezes. 
Check out the catwalk!

Here's a cozy chaise for lounging and steps leading up to a high spot.

Steps and a platform for bird and squirrel viewing, plus another soft blanket/chair combo for snoozing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy New Year!

Here are a few photos of some the kitties I spent the holidays with. (I saw many more wonderful kitties but lighting and timing, especially with playful kittens often prevent good camera shots.) 

Abby, adopted from MEOW several years ago. Abby is a beautiful long-haired kitty 
whose favorite toy is a boot lace! In this picture she was waiting for me to play with it with her.

Seamus (large tabby boy) and Coconut (torti girl), enjoying the sunshine on the stairs. These precious kitties are long-time clients.

Sweet Hannah kicking back with her catnip toy.

Jeremy, whose stunning good looks are matched by his affectionate disposition.

Jordy, an adorable youngster adopted with his sister Maisey from PAWS. These lucky kittens have tons of toys, tunnels and scratchers, as well as several humans to play with.