Sunday, July 15, 2012

Too Hot Baby?

Alfie loves summer weather but not all cats tolerate heat well, especially long haired, overweight or elderly felines. During very hot spells in past years, Alexander was clearly uncomfortable even though he slept in the coolest places in the house and stayed inside. I positioned a fan on the floor aimed at him while I placed chilled, wet hankerchiefs over him every few hours. He kept his activity level minimal and appreciated the makeshift air conditioning I created for him. Some guardians will place flexible ice packs under bedding for their kitties to lounge on. Providing extra water bowls, particularly china bowls in the bathroom, can encourage cats to stay hydrated. I always add a little extra water to canned food as I think it's a good practice to maintain. Many animals will eat less in general when the weather is a but too warm for them. Avoiding strenuous play and closely monitoring your cat while he or she is out sunning is also important. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!