Wednesday, April 18, 2012

KittyStar Cuteness

I love having the KittyStar so easily accessible when I get the craving for fuzzy tummy kisses! The kitchen is really where all the action is and this way Alexander is always ready. Alex turns 17 next month. I remember his 5th birthday party - he indulged in a catfood buffet and threw up a little on the couch afterwards. This year he will probably be treated to mashed yams, one of his favorite foods. In addition to healthy food, napping is one of his beauty secrets.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Babies

It's the time of year when bulbs are bursting into bloom, trees are budding, and wildlife are having cute little babies! Here's a story with a happy ending about a tiny orphaned raccoon. (Hopefully the mom cat in the story will be spayed as soon as all her charges are weaned!) Most babies in the wild you might see are simply waiting for their mom to return for them and not actually orphaned, according to Sarvey. So be sure some time has passed and the wee one is truly alone or injured and in need of urgent care before taking them to a wildlife rehabilitation location such as Sarvey or PAWS. Also keep in mind that spring is an extremely busy time for these places and you'll want to check and see if there is actually space for your critter or you run the risk of the baby being humanely killed after rescuing them.