Monday, July 23, 2018

Double the Fun

 Thinking about adopting a kitty? Don't let Single Kitten Syndrome happen in your home! Kittens adopted as only cats can end up with a host of issues that may not be life threatening but are rather sad when this can so easily be prevented. Most people want their house cat to be friendly and cuddly, but think about how much time the average cat is alone.  It's a conundrum - the free-roaming feral cat who might do quite well by himself does not make a sweet companion in your home. Many folks adopt a kitten for their child, but the child will hopefully grow up and leave home during the cat's lifetime, and in the meantime is busy going to school and leading an fun, active life. People also must often work away from home, leaving the kitten home alone. Even if new pet parents are retired and home a lot, the new kitty still misses out on cat-to-cat contact and playtime. 

Fortunately there is a simple solution - adopt two kittens or a mom and one or two of her babies! Watching cats interact is SO much better than TV. Most shelters give you a deal on more than one as well. Read more on the Seattle area Feline Rescue  blog.