Friday, December 15, 2017

KittyStar has Relocated!

We moved out of the Seattle area this past Halloween. It was very bittersweet to leave all of my wonderful Seattle clients, some of whom I knew the majority of their lives. (I still miss seeing all my regular kitty clients and taking a Christmas off is actually really tough.) I will be starting my kitty sitting business over in our new location as well as starting up a feline sanctuary. I have plenty of space on our new Camano Island property to provide a life-long home for special needs kitties. I also plan to board kitties, which I had many requests for in Seattle but lacked the space to do. So far, we've been focusing on getting the house catified with fun catio spaces that are also secure from predators such as coyotes and eagles. I saw my first deer on my property this week and have set up incredibly popular bird feeding stations. 

Adjusting to a slower way of life outside of the city has also been a challenge in the short time I've been on "Island Time" but everyone tells me by this summer I will be loving the county life. Lots to do as we sail into 2018. Stay tuned for a completely new KittyStar website featuring many of my own beloved kitties and also adorable kitty clients.

Wishing you and your kitties a fabulous New Year!