Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My New Celebrity Crush...

It's Bob! Bob is a very special "ginger Tom" and the star of A Street Cat Named Bob and The World According to Bob. He adopted author James Bowen while James was recovering from a heroin addiction and getting his life back on track. The two became inseparable throughout the ups and downs of busking and later selling the U.K. equivalent of "Real Change" papers. Bob is an unusual kitty given his comfort in working a crowd and riding mass transit; however it's the relationship and communication these two share that leaves the lasting impression. Bob and James are truly soul mates and their experiences will leave you both laughing and crying. A Street Cat Named Bob was an International bestseller so I'm not sure you even need to be a Cat Person to appreciate the book. The next book, The World According to Bob, despite the title includes a bit more about James' challenges as a former addict and living such a rough day-to-day existence. He says that Bob saved his life and we see that literally and metaphorically. His writing demonstrates the magic and healing companion animals can offer as well as the significance of really listening with your heart to the animals trusting you to care for them. I highly recommend the Bob series as these memorable stories will enchant all age groups.
See more at Twitter@StreetCatBob and "James and Bob" on YouTube. Both books are available at Seattle Public Libraries.