Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day action

Today is Earth Day so it's a good day to reflect on the larger world outside. Unfortunately so many species around the world are threatened or endangered that it's difficult not to get discouraged. Sadly humans are pretty much behind all the factors that contribute to a plant or animal species demise. How can you not feel overwhelmed? If you are a registered voter, contacting your legislator regarding wildlife and environmental issues is an easy and free action. Most major non-profit groups such Humane Society of the United States, World Wildlife Fund, Defenders of Wildlife, Snow Leopard Trust and the Iinternational Fund for Animal Welfare will send you regular emails about upcoming state or federal legislation that pertains to wildlife. Just log onto their websites and get signed up. 

Today I chose to highlight a wild cat I didn't know much about. There are only 2,500 Andean cats left in the wild. Unlike majestic lions and tigers, this guy is as small as a house cat! A coalition of organizations is working to purchase protected land in Argentina where these cats live. In honor of Earth Day please consider skipping your Starbucks or lunch out today and donating $5 or $10 to help these little cats.