Saturday, October 5, 2019

Cozy Home Improvements

Just as parents with young children generally have kid paraphernalia in every room, my house is filed with cat "stuff." The kitties have scratchers of course, flat cardboard ones, a very sturdy sisal post, and various carpeted condo styles. Comfy beds, both open and cabana style abound. Chair cushions are covered with fleece kitty blankets, plus step stools are placed in front of these chairs to make it easy for my senior kitties to get into the chair. (One of my kitties who isn't even very old needs steps because she has a BB lodged in her spine and cannot jump.) There is a wicker trunk with a heating pad and kitty bed on top that gets direct sun next to a large window, making this a coveted spot. An iron daybed, also with a heated bed and multiple pillow, is placed under another window. Multiple kitties can enjoy this sunny spot. Heated beds are so important for kitties as they age and often suffer from arthritis and kidney disease, as warmth can make them feel better.

I've put some thought into creating areas kitties will be able to lounge in comfort. It so satisfying to see happy kitties! I'm certainly not alone in "catifying" a space. I've seen so many ingenious ideas for kitties who like to get up high, hide in cozy caves, or simply have a small area all to themselves - like their own little clubhouse. Just pay attention to where your cat wants to be - it may be the busiest area of the house so they can be involved, or it may be a "panopticon" position where they can observe everything, such as the top of the refrigerator.

 My decorating style is more shabby/flea market/granny chic, however I was excited to learn that IKEA has a whole new line of dog and cat related furniture items. Of course it's a well known fact that cats love plain cardboard boxes, but with items this cute and reasonably priced you can splurge. No matter what your style, there are cool ways to make your home more fun for your kitty. Your feline is a member of your family, so embrace cat stuff!

Sidney snoozing in his armchair