Monday, June 8, 2015

Tabby Extravaganza!

Tabbies are the true "moggies." Their coats help them to blend in with just about any environment, making them the ideal feral cat and allowing them greater cover when hunting. 
Tabbies are classic cats and always in style!

Odin (L) and Adian (R) as kittens. They were not socialized to humans and did their best to stay as far away as possible from me; in this case I would have needed a ladder to reach them!
Odin and Adian at 5 YO, relaxing on a chaise lounge in the sunshine.

Darling Jane was trapped as a very small kitten and is now 16 YO (note the tufted ear tips).

This handsome tabby is Rutger. He was trapped at the Seattle Centre about 15 years ago (hence the ear tip). He is the strong/ silent type and favors sardines and fresh catnip on the stem.

Rosemary has a very rich history (see her story in the October posting for National Feral Cat Day). 
She is a adored by everyone who meets her and especially enjoys acupuncture treatments.

Maisy is obsessed with having her "outdoor time" during our visits. 
Here she is enjoying a warm Spring morning.

Monday, June 1, 2015

June is Adopt a Cat Month!

Look at this happy kitty... Every kitty deserves a loving home like Roy enjoys. This month, as animal shelters become inundated by litters of kittens, consider adding (another) feline to your home. Many shelters are offering specials this month, such as MEOW where you choose what to pay, or PAWS which is offering free adoptions for adult cats. Even paying full price at a shelter is an incredible bargain when you add up the costs of altering (spays can run upwards of $500 at some veterinarians), vaccinations, and micro chipping. Sometimes pet insurance is even included for a brief time to encourage the adopter to continue on with the pet policy. If you are stuck on certain breeds of cats keep checking the website or ask to be put on a wait list at a shelter. Keep in mind however that no cat is likely judging YOU on the color of your hair and eyes or how old you are. Love comes in all shapes and sizes right?

Check out some of the local shelters via these links:
PAWS cat adoptions
MEOW cat adoptions
Seattle Animal Shelter Cats

Many kitties choose their own person. What to do if a stray kitty shows up at your home or work place? If the kitty does not have a collar, take him or her to any vet clinic and ask to have the kitty scanned for a microchip. This is free and you generally don't need an appointment since it only takes a few minutes with a technician. If no chip, take the kitty home and make him or comfortable but ask around your neighborhood and look for posters of lost cats. Many neighborhoods have emails lists or FB pages that work well for information exchange of lost and found animals. If no one appears to be searching for the kitty then warm to the idea to you may well be adopted by this kitty. A detailed veterinary exam is probably the next step. Fortunately there are lots of low cost spay/neuter options around if you rather use the extra cash to buy a luxurious kitty condo, plush beds and loads of premium food to spoil the poor kitty who was wandering around for who knows how long looking for someone like you.

Adopt a cat or let a cat adopt you, either way this is one long term relationship that will always be sweet and puurfect.