Sunday, December 9, 2012

Honoring kitties who've passed

While I love my work, 2012 has been a difficult year because I lost so many kitty friends. I will miss Butler, the ginger colored gentleman; Jodge, a charming old gent I met late in his life; Elliot, a big kitty with oodles of personality whose favorite game was to run outside into the hallway of his apartment building;  Gatinho, an adorable, little blue eyed elf whom I spent my birthday with last year and his shy and mysterious brother Mojo; Flynn, a gorgeous and beloved precious kitty; Mama, a sweet and loving torti girl (and Ginger, her torti sibling or daughter - we never knew for sure, who passed in 2011), and Pockets, a black and white boy I loved from the day I first met him and accepted all my hugs and kisses. Since I've been kitty sitting for 12 years now several of these kitties were clients for 10 years or more. Their passing is bittersweet because I know they had wonderful people who belonged to them and in most cases, they grew to be old and wise. I wish this for every cat everywhere (even the community cats who prefer to live outside can still be loved and cared for properly), but I will miss these dear friends and remember them fondly.

I like this short article which offers some ideas for honoring loved ones who are no longer with us physically.

One suggestion I'd add is to check out Best Friends Angels Rest and Angels Overlook in Kanab, UT.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More beautiful kitty images...

Take a break from our dreary, grey Seattle weather and imagine yourself basking on the warm sand on this idyllic island filled with kitties! Yes, the cats should all be spayed or neutered but note how relaxed and happy these cats all appear. They are true "community cats."