Monday, December 17, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Bramwell and Christina help string up some lights 

Christina with Rudolph

The shortest day of the year at the end of the week means a lot of darkness during our waking hours. Fairy lights help make the early evenings less dreary and the kitties love them. (Just use caution if you have kittens or a kitty who chews and secure the lights where kitties cannot access.) Everyone knows cats love Christmas trees  - all those dangling toys hanging from a tree right in the living room! You don't need to spend a lot of money of store bought toys to make your kitty happy. Everyone also knows that cats love boxes too! Create a play gym out of boxes with cut-out tunnels and tape it securely together. Add a sprinkle of catnip and your cat will likely spend hours in it. Be sure to keep pieces of ribbon and string picked up after gifts are opened, as any veterinarian will tell you that cats can swallow these and surgery is usually necessary to extricate the foreign matter. Most kitties enjoy nibbling on fresh grass and actually derive some digestive benefits from it. Growing you own cat grass is easy once you get the hang out it. You can buy a kit, then buy wheat in any bulk food section at the grocery store and re-use the pot and lid to keep on growing.

If you decide to splurge for your kitty, consider a sturdy cat tree that will provide your kitty exercise and fun for many years to come. Look for a locally made one instead of one made in China, so that you can sure the materials are safe and you can support a local crafts person. NOAH in Stanwood sells beautiful cat trees in their lobby at prices that are quite a value: NOAH Center.

Shopping for a cat lover on your list? A donation to a cat charity in their name is a wonderful gift with a big impact. Donating cash, or supplies via their Amazon wish list, helps kitties get spayed or neutered, adopted into loving homes, or warm and well fed in a safe sanctuary space.

Wishing you and your kitties a healthy and happy New Year ahead!