Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring (almost)!

Spring has hit Seattle a couple of weeks early and everyone is relishing it. Many North westerners are avid hikers and campers and most probably take along a canine buddy, not a feline. But there's actually a growing trend of kitty hikers, including Honeybee the local famous sight impaired cutie. Harness training your cat is the first step and obviously not all cats will be comfortable leaving the safety of their yard once they gets used to the harness or jacket and lead. (Going out into wide open spaces is actually against survival instincts since cats may be prey for larger species.) The important thing to remember is that you will have to go at your kitty's level of comfort and abilities and think safety first. Some cats would rather lounge on the deck a few feet from the back door in case they need to go inside to use the litter box or get too warm, like Rosemary. Fresh air and sunshine is the best tonic for any S.A.D. feelings we've accumulated over the winter months, whether hiking or hanging out. Enjoy!

I already exercised today, honest...