Saturday, January 18, 2014

Your Dose of Cute for the Day

Check out this short piece on a disabled kitty who got just the help she needed to navigate the world around her. Darling Flipper inspired some humane education in action! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Healthy New Year!

25 New Year’s Resolutions for Animal Lovers
You don't think I'd make a cat wear a tiara do you?

If one of  your resolutions for the new year is to help your kitty shed extra weight so she can be healthier and more active, here's a link to advice from a feline only veterinarian.
Personally I've fed a  mainly raw and home made diet to my kitties for years and now with frozen raw diets available at local pet food stores it's easier than ever. But I understand that this diet is not optimal or appealing to every kitty and fortunately there are also more natural/organic/high-protein choices than ever as well. There are several reasons to feed your companion animals U.S. made pet foods from companies that use human food grade ingredients and facilities: a history of recalls of tainted ingredients from large overseas manufacturers and genetically modified ingredients that many non-organic products likely contain. I also add "real foods" such as cooked, mashed sweet potatoes and winter squash, organic yogurt, and cooked chicken soup when the weather is very cold. Set mealtimes, rather than leaving out large amounts of food continuously, gives your kitty something to look forward to and discourages boredom (over)eating.
If your kitty eats too fast and tends to throw up, spread the food over a few small plates around the room or one large platter instead of a bowl. Or try a "treat ball" that holds dry food or pieces of freeze dried salmon or chicken. The difficulty level can be set lower or higher depending on how determined your feline is to get the food out. This is also a great device for cats left alone all day. Of course interactive play is the best exercise and don't forget clicker training for those very active kitties. A tall kitty condo in front of a large window is usually an excellent spot for your kitty to hang out, especially with bird feeders in sight. If your kitty isn't using the condo try moving it to a different spot and adding a few pinches of catnip to the perches. Bringing in sticks from outside and leaving out cardboard boxes or shopping bags without handles can encourage play just as well as fancy toys. The key is to add and subtract things to keep the environment new and stimulating. Have fun!