Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The 4th of July is just around the corner but fireworks are already being set off on private property in rural areas. Your kitty might be experiencing stress due to the nature of the noise. There are things you can provide your kitty to help combat this stress. At the same time try to remain as nonplussed by the fireworks as you can so that your kitty doesn't pick up on your stress. These tricks can help is other stressful times as well, such as when you have houseguests or take on remodeling projects.

Some cats feel safe in a high spot; they can keep an eye on things and feel in control. Other kitties prefer to hide in a cupboard or closet and come out after the noise has stopped, and maybe even hours afterwards. Make it easy for your cat to access his view point or hiding spot and allow him to spend however much time he wants there. If it's meal time and he won't come down or out, take his food to him. He may eat less if he's feeling anxious, but as long he eats a little and stays hydrated he should get through it okay. Offering meat baby food or a special nutritious treat might help him eat. Adding a CBD for pets product in your cat's food, Zylkene, a calming supplement, or gabapentin (available by prescription) is a good idea if he is eating normally. A Feliway Calming diffuser is a good idea, or you can spritz Feliway around the areas your cat frequents. Rescue Remedy for animals (no alcohol) can be put in drinking water or rubbed onto ears. Many folks also play soft classical or "easy listening" music. You can stream music for cats that is very relaxing too.

If your kitty goes outside at all, play it safe and keep him inside over the holiday weekend. Any animal outside can get disoriented and panic from the noise of fireworks. They may run and get lost, even if they normally stay close by. It's commonly known in all animal shelters in the U.S. that the 4th of July is the number one time for lost and missing pets. Wildlife too suffers from fireworks (can you tell I am not a fan of fireworks?!). Be prepared for your kitty to hunker down and hate life with all the noise that happens. Hang in there!

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